This coin can be very successful in the world: Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is an application that turns the steps you take into real money. The application uses your mobile phone’s gps to record your steps and, in return, offers you virtual currency that can be exchanged for products, services and experiences.

As well as in practice every 1000 steps this currency this application awards users with a unit of the token, this digital currency can be used to buy physical products or services, such as bicycles, energy drinks, weight machines or discounts at water parks.

This is the first step towards a social economy, which uses body movement as currency. To give you an idea, sweatcoin currently has about 40 partners.


Sweatcoin became the first cryptocurrency that was created with a specific purpose. This application was developed for people who want to practice physical activity, and thus earn money doing what they like the most. To be able to turn your exercises into money.

  • The first step is to create an account and check your Sweatcoin address;
  • Second step is to download the app and start walking;
  • To choose how to spend your token, you can buy products, services or participate in auctions;

How to withdraw your Sweatcoin token

Good to withdraw is a very simple process, just have or register on the paypal platform (have or create an account), or just make a debit card from the sweatcoin itself. This card allows you to keep the balance in your account, use it to buy products and even withdraw.

  • Go to the balance section in the app;
  • There you can see the balance that your account has;
  • Select the option to withdraw;
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you can choose the payment method;

Well both this and other apps being created giving the opportunity to those who like physical activities, remembering that the more withdrawals being made in the app the token tends to decrease so stay tuned for new apps to have a good gain with these apps.

We know that everything nowadays has people who can manipulate Sweatcoin, it’s also like that, people in bad faith or just to suck the company tend to use tricks making them earn tokens without having to walk, but stay tuned in case you think about doing it, the application may end up blocking your access and you will not be able to withdraw your tokens.