Fixed income funds 2022

With the end of the year approaching, we saw that 2022 was considered a year of resumption in commercial investment business. Stock markets are back to operating high and the economy of several countries has returned to heat after the period of recession caused by the pandemic.

In this way, some practices emerged from all this chaos and managed to prove that some investments, despite being considered bad for being too conservative. And yielding few dividends for their investors.

Bravely resisted these difficult years and managed to outperform the most famous funds and practices in profit. that in the pre-pandemic were considered innovative and showed their fragility in the face of the world crisis, which devastated all markets and exchanges for more than 2 years.

Fixed income funds

As a result, some fixed income funds were featured this year, and today we are going to show you the main items on this list starting. Of course, with the biggest highlight, which is undoubtedly the direct treasury.

So far there is not even a serious investor who does not indicate this type of investment for its shareholders and customers. As it basically involves lending money to the government of a country, and this makes it a very safe investment.

Taking into account that the country does not go bankrupt or go through some kind of coup military or political. Apart from the unthinkable things that can make you lose money with the direct treasury.

This investment fund is the best option at any time and the pandemic made that much clearer this year. Another outstanding investment this year was the so-called CDBs.

Which are those bonds famous among investors, as is to be expected CDBs yield more than most savings and that alone attracts a large number of investors.


CDBs can appear in 3 types or forms, being the Hybrid, the prefixed and last but not least the post-fixed. The difference between it is that the floating rate is usually linked to possible variations of an index.

The fixed rate already has its interest and costs defined in advance for the whole year and the hybrid. As the word itself suggests, tries to combine the two investment practices.

Regardless of what type of investment you are going to take, or which fund you are going to invest in. Fixed investment funds are always a good option, as they bring stability and great security.

But it is important to remember that this security does not provide an absolute guarantee of return or certain profits. Only brings more confidence, if taken into account that every investment action has its risks.