How to keep finances in the green?

The first step to be done to keep finances in the green is to analyze the monthly personal financial budget and this can be done in two ways.

One of them is to write down monthly expenses in a notebook or even in a spreadsheet made in Excel that can be organized in the best way you will be able to use. It will be necessary to understand how much is spent per month and how much is earned.

It can be divided into essential expenses, variable expenses and superfluous expenses, so that you can evaluate what can be cut and what is essential for you, as an example, the account of water or electricity bill.

Tips important

Another step that is very important is to evaluate how much is spent per month on your credit card, and to analyze if you are being a villain for you to get rid of your debts.

If you are having difficulty paying the full card bill and end up generating interest by paying only the minimum, all that has been analyzed should be seen to improve your monthly planning.

The credit card can be a villain

If the card is being a villain in your budget, a big step to be done although difficult is to cancel the cards at this first moment, make a deal so you can get rid of the debts of the card.

If in your budget what is making it more difficult is that snack with coffee from that expensive place that has become a daily routine, then at the moment you will have to cut back.

At first it can certainly be difficult, and what you can do instead of cutting it out is to set a goal of going no more than once a week, and the other times having a snack at home so you don’t have to resort to snacks on the street. or even on the way to work.

Cut superfluous expenses even if it is difficult at first

You will have to cut superfluous expenses even if it is difficult at first, but you have to make some sacrifices so that you are soon with your finances in the green and can enjoy.

Moments like this without the burden on your conscience of the bill at the end of the month.

Always with organization and planning, it will be much easier to control your routine and create new habits, remembering that it is better to save money than to spend it without being aware of what you are spending.

A healthy financial life generates several benefits for the day to day, so let’s have this change and let’s live financially in the green.