Cryptocurrencies Devaluing in 2022, Is It Worth Investing?

The crypto market is in trouble, but it shouldn’t stay that way for long, as a recent analysis by Arcane Research predicts that bitcoin and ether could rise 100% in the coming months


According to the analysis, bitcoin gained space in 2021, unlike what happened in 2020, when a reversal occurred. The altcoin gained a foothold in January 2021, before reaching a peak in late February and early March when it reached $61,000.

What most don’t know is that an asset’s volatility doesn’t appear ingrained in its DNA. In other words, any movements that are extreme, whether down or up, are just reactions to the circumstances that present in the market.

It is important to remember that the cryptocurrency market can be considered as an emotional market, that is, it is the sum of the emotions of all participants that determine the direction that currency will follow.

The question is, is it worth investing in cryptos in 2022 or not? 

This is a good question and in this answer there can be a lot of money involved, a lot of money that can go into your pocket or a lot of money that can go out of your pocket.

So keep reading to find out more. I asked 3 friends what they think of cryptocurrencies for 2022, after all, many people buy several of these cryptos per month.

Bitcoin and dólar

Come on, you have reais and you start to buy dollars, so the dollar rises and appreciates against the real. And bitcoin is dollarized, that is, if you have cryptocurrencies in a general way that they are dollarized they have an uptrend.

Even if they don’t go up because the effect for us who look at our heritage often in real has a positive effect.

Impacts that bitcoin and other cryptos cause!

In recent days, cryptocurrencies have suffered from yet another strong sell-off, as the US stock market has seen some of the biggest drops in recent months. Despite this, the crypto market is still extremely volatile and it is possible that big gains can be made by investing in altcoin.

There is still the problem of the political crisis in Brazil and the market is keeping an eye on what will happen, the market is very influenced by everything that happens in the country, but it is still an investment option.