Discover the top 5 best-selling NFTs of all time

Not long ago, investing in a digital work, the famous NFTs, seemed strange and distant. But this new way of making authentic works by adding a protected digital signature gains a lot of space among art creators and in the market, of course.

Some enthusiasts with money to spare have already invested millions in digital works, but also people with less spending capacity can also own an NFT.

Or at least a small fraction of them, buying one of the shares of works shared by thousands of users owners. Today, we are going to talk about the 10 most expensive and profitable collections ever released from nft.

The Merge

The NFT that reached the highest market value to be sold is, in fact, a work with multiple owners. More than 30 thousand people bought more than 311 thousand spaces in his art, reaching astronomical value.

The Marge made Pak the living artist with the most valuable work in history, surpassing Jeff Koons, who sold the 1986 Rabbit painting for R$490 million.

Everydays – The First 5000 Days

Undoubtedly, this collection opened the doors to the world of NFTs, the work sold by Christie’s New York auction house consolidated digital arts once and for all in the renowned world of modern arts.


The work symbolizes the number of days Julian Assange spent in prison and is part of the “Censored” collection of NFTs, sold to pay the Wikileaks founder’s legal fees in the fight not to be extradited from London to the US.

Human One

Physical art and video are playing within it. It comes in a clear box, where you can see an astronaut walking around, while digitally programmed backgrounds change around you based on the box’s geographic location and local time.

Cryptopunk – Artist: Matt Hall and John Watkinson

One of NFT’s first projects, the so-called Crypto Punks, are 10,000 drawings of 24 by 24 pixels that are totally different and collectible.

In addition to the number #5822, Crypto Punk’s #7523, #3100, #7804 and #5217 reached high values, respectively, R$63.3 million, R$41.3 million, R$40.9 million and R$30.1 million.

Would you have the courage to face this challenge? Despite being quite valuable and gaining more and more prominence in the NFT arts and crypto assets in general.

They are quite volatile, so before proceeding with the purchase of any digital asset it is important to study a lot about the subject to avoid losses