The balance of the Pandemic in the global economy

At the end of 2019, the whole world stopped to receive the news of a new virus that was ravaging humanity. Then, the proportions were so great that in a short time it was no longer treated as just a virus.

Thus, it gained epidemic status and then came to be treated as a pandemic. So the results were catastrophic in every country in the world, practically the whole world stopped. And those who could, were confined at home, away from work and friends for many, many months.

But because of our advanced technology (although it seemed like an eternity), our scientific advances were efficient. So, they were able to decipher the genetic code of the virus quickly, thus enabling the start of vaccine production in record time by several companies around the world.

Reflections on the economy

Taking as an example only one of the giants in the field, Pfizer, has made something around $32 billion with Covid vaccines in recent years. So, it’s something around 6x more than the company’s typical period before the pandemic.

But it wasn’t just vaccine manufacturers that profited from this pandemic, many hospital supplies manufacturers had astronomical revenues during the period. It is estimated that sales grew by around 30%.

But while some experts suggest that number may have even doubled due to the huge demand generated by the number of people facing the virus. So, while some sectors have made a lot of profits, others have come close to declaring bankruptcy in the chaos of the past few years.

One sector that suffered a lot during the pandemic was health plans. Soon they had to work hard to serve all their members and ensure the well-being of everyone in their private clinics. Undoubtedly, SUS was an indescribable tool in the fight against the pandemic, thanks to it thousands, if not millions of lives were saved.

Field hospitals were created in days, tens of thousands of beds opened, thousands of ICUs were set up in record time. But unfortunately with all this apparatus the pandemic showed no mercy. Many people lost their lives for lack of vacancies in the health units and also of medical equipment.

It is estimated that during the pandemic years, the world government spent around $38.2 billion on health in just the first 12 months of the virus’ existence. So, the impact of the pandemic on the economy was simply devastating, and we are still experiencing the reflexes of everything we experience today.