Stock Exchange 2022

During October 2, millions of Brazilians went to the polls to exercise their democratic right and choose several of their representatives at the polls for the next 4 years.

Through all this, there is a delicate movement in the Brazilian financial market, as the two presidential candidates who had the most votes have already openly talked about taxing the profits of state and private companies and their shareholders.

With that, the financial market, on the one hand, is relieved that the two candidates arrive very even in the second round, on the other hand, fears these supposed taxation and possible losses that may happen if these promises are fulfilled.

Already at lower levels of the national hierarchy, according to the analysis of some experts, the national congress is more focused on a “center-right”, thus leaving stock market investors with calmer moods.

If the current president is re-elected, the financial market should react positively, as the proposal to maintain large investments that the government has been making should continue and apparently he will have a majority in Congress, which in turn is slightly inclined towards financial freedom. In general, the financial market will welcome the president who manages to be elected on October 30th, as they are state-owned or private companies, according to experts.


A clear example of this is the stock R3 PETROLEUM, which is currently showing a rise regardless of the winner of the elections. Another factor that also shows indifference is the price of the Dollar and the Euro, which do not seem to have changed significantly after the first round of the Brazilian elections.

Another good tip for those who want to venture into Brazilian stock exchange investments are funds that invest in the construction of shopping malls in Brazil, there are growth prospects of up to 50% in the coming years, so it’s good to keep an eye out.

As always, Banks are always a good place to invest, as the PT candidate manages to come to power there is a history that national and some international banks never made as much money as in his period of return to power as head of the nation.

Anyway, a leader will be chosen soon and whatever the financial market is, it can always handle its decisions, so it’s up to you, an investor, just to evaluate the candidates’ government plans and try to analyze which companies would appreciate in value. or lose value during those new term that is about to begin.