The best brokers in the world market

When we are going to start in the world of investments, finding a good broker is one of the main or the main alternative to make the investment process much easier. So, today we are going to show you the best brokers that will help you make the best decision when investing, follow us below.

Toro Investing

It can be said to be the best choice for you who want to start in the investment world. Toro allows you to invest in the stock market, fixed income and funds all with the least possible complexity.

But, they have more than 800 thousand customers moving values ​​that reach more than 100 billion per year. It has exclusive platforms for those who want information about investments according to valuation. So, for day trades, you can hire Profitchart or TraderEvolution Toro Light, and you also have SmarttBot which is a free platform.


It comes with the proposal to simplify and facilitate access to the world of investments. However, on its platform you will find much more direct information, something that makes life a lot easier for those starting out in this market. They have live programs to help decision making, free educational videos and for those who use graphic analysis, they offer several platforms such as:

  • Profti Rico Trader;
  • TradeZone;
  • ProTrader;
  • Profit;
  • Tryd Pro;
  • MetaTrader 5;

XP Investimentos

XP is the largest broker in Brazil and is suitable for people who have a high income and are capable of high investments. But with more than 3 million customers moving more than 715 billion a year. Its biggest differential is its own credit card, which gives access to these advantages below.

  • Cashback;
  • No annuity;
  • Visa Infinite Benefits;
  • Dynamic limit;
  • More security;
  • Control by application;
  • Digital wallets;
  • Additional cards;

Inter Bank

Among digital banks, this is the best alternative for those looking for an investment platform in a digital bank. Created in 1994, it came with the proposal to facilitate the financial life of the Brazilian people.

So, today owning more than 14 million across Brazil. But, you will have access to many fixed income securities and the home breaker system that allows the user to trade stocks and financial assets just using a device that has internet.

Nu Invest

Its reference is its content and articles on finance and how I invest. It comes with the proposal to reach the public with little knowledge of the market. It gives platform options for day trading and a variety of options for fixed income.

So, now it’s up to you, study and see which option best fits your profile and that way start working in this market that only grows every day.