What are stocks and what are the risks of investments?

You have probably heard about financial stocks, investments, and of course you are curious about this subject. Today we will talk about this market, we will show you how to act in this market and also how the rich work, stay with us and check it out below.

First, let’s understand what an action is. Share is a portion of the share capital (all the value available for opening and operating) of a company. When you own a share, you become part of the bureaucratic part of the company, both now and in the future.

By holding shares in a company, you become the owner of a part of the company. This way it will be possible to benefit from everything that happens in the company, and also to be part of its risks.

Always remember

Remembering that as it is a risky investment, some long-term factors affect the value of the share, which is the company’s ability to generate beneficial results and the ability to predict risks, remembering that many factors affect, economy, politics, etc.

Choosing the best time to invest is also one of the ways to try to avoid possible losses. Knowing that investing in stocks of companies, you will also be part of the risks that it may have.

Types of investment risks

Below we will list the main risks when getting a share, check it out.

  • Operational Risk: the insecurity generated by the company’s own decisions, its actions, which can affect itself;
  • Exchange Risk: the financial impact on the market, may adversely affect the company’s shares;
  • Political Risk: the political situation in the country strongly affects the financial market, which can strongly affect the company’s actions.


As we can see the actions that are carried out by the company or those that occur throughout the world affect actions, whether positive or negative. It will always be necessary to study the market, always aiming at the best time to invest, this is also a great tip for those who are entering this market, which is really a very risky market.

Finally, we can see that it is a very profitable market because it will make you part of the company’s profits, if it has a great advance, your profits will be much greater, with a complete analysis and studying the market you will enter and investing is possible yes profit.

Remembering that it is always good to study the company you will buy the shares from, they will determine the size of the risk of your investment. Studying and analyzing will always be the first option.