The best card for travel and the like

The new Itaucard Click is a great card for those who travel and shop, due to the benefits of a Platinum card, and also for those who like to use Bike Itaú services, as it has special discounts.

For many people nowadays having a credit card is not just a choice but also a necessity. Credit cards facilitate transactions and purchases, giving your customer benefits such as installment purchases under conditions that would be impossible without their use.

The first thing that usually worries a customer when looking for a credit card is the annual fee. This amount can be charged once a year or divided into monthly installments and if it is not included in your planning, it can cause headaches;

However, if you depend on the Click Itaú card, you won’t have to worry about it. Itaú has combined all the benefits of one of the largest banks in Brazil with the two most used card brands in the world, Visa and Mastercard, which the customer can choose when purchasing. With the Itaú Click card, the customer can be completely free from paying any annual fee. As? We explain now.

Does Itaucard Click pay an annual fee?

The main highlight of Click is this promise to eliminate the annual fee. But how does he accomplish this? Well, there’s one condition: the customer needs to spend at least $100.00 on each invoice.

That is, if you spend that amount of $100.00 on any type of purchase in the credit function each month, you are completely free from the annuity. Therefore, it is necessary to observe if this is your customer profile and if you really expect to have these expenses.

If you don’t meet the monthly amount to eliminate the annuity installment, the fee charged is not that high, at $9.90 (which in twelve months would be $118.80 in total). The customer is subject to approval and analysis by Itaú in order to grant credit, but the bank does not stipulate a minimum amount of income for a potential customer.

Is it worth acquiring Itaú Click Platinum?

 So, to purchase Click, you must consider that it is the opportunity to obtain a card from a large bank and its benefits without worrying about the annual fee and with a considerable amount when this is not achieved. Considering also that Itaú gives the customer the possibility to choose between the main brands for the card.