Ridge Ridge Payment Gateway – Part 2

After setting up a unique peak payment gateway and a merchant calculation with UniBul, you will be able to accept online payments quickly and securely. Our solutions are designed to save both period and cash and come with many built-in features

1. Processing of international payments:

  • All major trusted cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB, China UnionPay and more;
  • Signature debit cards; Electronic checks; Accept international transactions from customers across the globe;
  • Flexible payment options. Our payment processing platform is designed to cater for fast settlement in multiple currencies, some of which are shown below;
  • Accelerated payment. Recharge schedules are determined on an event-by-event basis, however our Ridge Ridge payment gateways generally offer weekly payments, and some eligible merchants may charge daily;

2. Fraud precaution:

  • Detect and prevent suspicious and potentially fraudulent transactions with our customizable fraud warning businesses;
  • Address comparison employment (AVS);
  • Card stability code confrontation (CVV2, CVC 2 and CID);
  • Speck for Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode;

3. Online Account Management:

  • View and manage transactions, adjust calculation settings, view and download calculation statements and reports, and much more via a single password-backed merchant reporting site;
  • Get detailed information about your processed transactions for reporting and reconciliation purposes;
  • Configure as many user accounts as you need with permissions to manage the calculation approach;

4. Data Protection:

  • Ridge Payment Gateway fully compatible with PCI-DSS to handle stably with sensitive customer data;
  • With UniBul, your customers can be assured that their data is safe;

5. Expand your services:

  • Laracha column Stamp Mercantil UniBul Checked on their website to enlarge on credit;
  • Accept trusted cards via our ridge payment gateway channels on your website and direct merchant calculation to assure your customers that you are uniquely matched and supported;
  • Customize the look of your checkout page to further substantiate your company’s beacon, whether on your website or with a single custom installed payment form;

6. Espeque to the successive and free customer:

  • Online customer support center;
  • Free phone call;
  • Online chat;
  • Electronic ticket way;
  • Wait by email;

7. Ordered and subscription billing:

  • Charge loyal customers using the information you have on record about them;
  • Recurring billing for automatic processing of ongoing subscriptions;
  • Dynamic recurring billing so you can bill your customers for different amounts or on different days each month;

UniBul Candidate Order

Your ridge payment gateway application will be processed as soon as we receive all the necessary documentation, which consists of the following documents:

  • UniBul Survey – you can download it here;
  • Rules of Procedure or similar document;
  • A supply of the company owner’s passport or other valid national identity document;
  • Supply of business license;
  • A supply of a single canceled commercial check for the bank calculation in which we will deposit your cash or, if it never happens, a bank missive. Six recent monthly processing reports with your current or later processor;
  • Three recent monthly bank statements;
  • A supply of your latest brightness calculation with your address;

As soon as we receive these documents, we will start the application system and you will start working quickly. We want your Ridge Payment Gateway and your Merchant Calculation to be running as fast as possible, and with your help, we will do just that!

Why Unibul?

At UniBul, we only work on the top line of payments and we are constantly looking for new services to introduce. We believe that every merchant duly registered and with all the required documents deserves a merchant calculation, independent of the risk stratum in which he may be inserted by Visa or MasterCard. Our extensive network of acquiring banks located across the globe ensures we have a resolution for every industry. And at UniBul, we’d love to work with you and invent the unique Ridge Ridge payment gateway!