Ridge Ridge Payment Gateway – Part 1

As a company that specializes in processing trusted international no-show cards, at UniBul we understand the value of a single pinned, high-stakes payment gateway. Every turn that a single customer enters your website’s checkout space, everything should work perfectly, as there is absolutely no orchestra to go wrong.

That’s why we designed our trading accounts so you don’t miss a sale. Our payment processing craft works constantly! Get in touch now and we’ll show you what we can do for you. As soon as we receive your information, we will review it and get back to you the same day with some details about the seller calculation that we can set up for you. Depending on your specific circumstances, there may be more than one brocard, in which event we will explain what it is so that you have all the facts available when ingesting your brocard. As soon as we decide the form, we can launch it in a few days.

Ridge Payment Gateway to support online and phone payments

UniBul makes the ratification of card payments reliable and, if you need it, electronic checks naive, secure and affordable. Our Ridge Ridge Payment Gateway provides the infrastructure and stability you need to quickly, securely and securely move transaction data between your website and the Visa and MasterCard payment networks. Here are some of the features and benefits of our donation:

  • Accept trusted cards and various other payment methods if needed;
  • Transaction order arrested and supported – only letter fully reconcilable with PCI gauge;
  • Espeque customer free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Free fraud warning tools;
  • Free website sentiment to expand customer credit and expand sales;
  • Automatic payments directly in your bank account;
  • Funds will arrive in just 1-2 days (your funding schedule will be laid out during the form);
  • Single acquirer trusted to represent you in transaction disputes and chargebacks;
  • Total control with a dedicated, never shared merchant calculation;

In addition, our ridge payment gateway and merchant accounts come with powerful online reporting features that provide a detailed common illusion of your trust card processing activities, including:

  • Customizable transaction data ranges and the tendency to export data for further study;
  • Customizable product groups that allow you to investigate information by result quidam, compartment, partner, dependency and more;
  • User Quidam Customization to customize your reports to meet the specific needs of CFOs, chargeback managers, fraud analysts and more;

How online payments work

Now let’s see why Ridge Ridge’s unique payment gateway fits into the electronic business transaction system. Here’s what happens from the moment a single buyer clicks “Make a request” when making a single request on a single e-business site until approval is received:

  1. The customer provides information about his card-for-payment calculation;
  2. The information is encrypted using SSL and sent to the merchant’s web server;
  3. The payment gateway collects the data, re-encrypts it with SSL and transfers it to the acquirer’s server;
  4. The acquirer, in turn, transfers the data to the Visa or MasterCard (Meeting) payment process;
  5. The meeting transmits the data to the card issuer;
  6. The issuer approves or rejects the transaction consent and sends its dodge response to the acquirer;
  7. The acquirer sends the issuer’s response to the payment gateway;
  8. The payment gateway sends the consent response to the e-commerce site, where it is displayed to the cardholder;

If the issuer validates the consent requirement, the transaction will be completed. If he refused, the procedures are different, however, the customer must be asked to choose a payment configuration. For Discover and American Express transactions, the system is far more naive because the issuer and acquirer are the same. In usage, this means that steps 4 to 6 from the above catalog will be merged into one.