Have free food

Tenha comida grátis

Have coffee at the bank

Free food and drink are sometimes available in the strangest of places. Many large banks offer free coffee at the entrance, where you can fill up quickly and cut the rope. If someone asks if you need help, reply that you have a check from another bank and want to know if you can deposit it there. If the employee asks if you are a customer, answer no. There’s no need to turn around.

Tenha comida grátis

Go to the fruit and vegetable market before it closes

One of the biggest secrets in the market is that sellers do everything they can to get rid of unsold merchandise before packing it all up and heading home. Take a quick tour of the market and see what looks good. Afterwards, wait to approach the counters until 10 to 15 minutes until closing. The fewer sellers they have to bring back, the better. Ask for a discount or if they have overripe vegetables they need to get rid of.

Fairs and other festivals often offer free samples to bring passers-by closer together, and at these venues it’s also easy to grab a free drink or other new products, which employees give away for free to try to build interest in the product. Look for promoters who have lots of things to try.

Look for free tastings

Wine, beer, chocolate, fresh produce and many other types of quality products are commonly provided as free samples at commercial facilities. It is assumed that you will love the product so much that you want to buy it at a high price, but there is no contract and no shame. Try everything and say you’ll think about it.

Learn to recognize edible wild plants

If you like nature walks and free stuff, learning to recognize wild edible plants in your area can be a great way to get out and enjoy your surroundings, as well as finding free food. You can also get vegetables, fruits and nuts if you know where to look. Invest in a good guide in your area and learn to recognize local edible plants. Wash it all down, make sure it doesn’t go into private property, and everything will be fine.

Euell Gibbons, an expert in survival techniques, has lived primarily on food he has collected for most of his life, not just in places like Hawaii. He collected food extensively in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio, finding many unexpected foods for his sustenance. Wherever you live, there’s food to enjoy.