How to retire at 30

Como se aposentar aos 30 anos

Define the dream and document the reality.

How do you want to spend the rest of your life after leaving your job? Where do you want to live What do you want to do And above all, how much will the rest of your life cost year after year? This will give you an idea of ​​how much money you need to save and what investments you need to make to secure the lifestyle you want after your retirement. Don’t forget to think about things like medical bills and the effect of inflation. Create a detailed spreadsheet to accurately analyze all these variables.

Earn a lot of money.

Perhaps the quickest and most viable way to do this is to focus on getting a well-paying job. Consider the types of work that offer very high rewards in exchange for hard work, reduced psychological satisfaction, and a life full of sacrifices. After all, you’re not choosing your career like other people, looking for fulfillment and fulfillment in life, because you plan on doing this job for just ten years. Focus on jobs that reward the fact that you’re willing to work harder than anyone else. Some examples:

  • Investment Banking – These financial jobs can offer very high salaries. In exchange, you’ll have to sell your soul: the hours are terrible, the work is boring, and your boss is often self-centered. But your goal is to get hired, work hard, and make a lot of money. Focus on results and watch your colleagues in despair thinking “it’s impossible to do this job for 40 years” – not you. Sales (positions in high profile industries like high tech software companies) – your salary will be directly tied to your sales, and your sales will depend on how much you are willing to work so you can earn a lot thanks to this stressful job .
  • Engineering – Software development, biotechnology and other technical positions are high-stakes paths to wealth. Unlike the two previous jobs that have a high salary, you will be able to earn a lot of money as an engineer just thanks to stock options. However, if you are lucky enough to join a newly launched business that will achieve worldwide success, you can buy a private island within 5 years. Most likely, you’ll be working endless shifts for your 27-year-old president and his avid financier before the company goes bankrupt and leaves you in the middle of a road.

Reduce your expenses.

The main reason people who have high-paying jobs still work in their 50s is that they can’t manage their expenses. To alleviate the suffering resulting from their tedious and demanding work, they offer very expensive toys that cannot make them happy: an attic, a luxury car, a diamond ring. Resist the massive pressure to dress, eat and shop like your peers and live a modest life. Focus on work and you can have fun for the rest of your life. Here are some tips not to spend:

  • Buy or rent a modest apartment. You will always be at work, so don’t spend too much on your house. Clean and small will be fine. Studies have shown that homeowners make investments five times better than homeowners, so buy one as soon as you can afford it;
  • Don’t dine at fancy restaurants. Unless you’re an ultimate gourmet, you must admit that a R$5 McDonalds sandwich isn’t much worse than a R$50 steak;
  • Respect your budget. Write down your expenses. Set goals for your savings and celebrate when you reach them. Instead of buying a dress you don’t need to have seen in the window, invest your money in a more profitable way.

Invest wisely.

Explaining how to invest your money is beyond the scope of this article, but do some research and find ways to make your savings grow and work for you. The richest people invest in real estate and the stock market. Remember that the more you make safe investments, the longer you will have to wait to withdraw; on the other hand, the more you risk your money, the greater the chances of losing it and having to spend another year or more working to get it back.

Keep your eyes on the target.

Not everyone is able to afford the lifestyle you will need to retire anytime soon. There will be many times when you want to give up. Clearly visualize your objective and prepare a list of reasons to remember why you made this decision, why you will need it.

Invest in your skills.

Improving your skills will allow you to earn more. Find skills that can be improved faster and faster. At the same time, he tries to develop new ones.

Como se aposentar aos 30 anos


  • While you will likely need to work in a big city to earn a lot, it will be very difficult to retire and continue living in a metropolis. Your goal will be to save as much as possible while you live and work in an expensive city and then you can pick it up from a cheaper location. There are many beautiful places where life is less expensive, in Brazil or abroad. If you are worried about the distance you will put between yourself and your family or friends, remember that today by plane all AMERICAN countries are only a few hours away. This is one of the sacrifices you will have to make to retire in your thirties;
  • Remember, unless you plan on living well beyond age 115, you can start using your equity funds later on, not just using interest; Another way to be able to retire so early is to try to earn a steady income, for example through royalties or royalties. That way, you can earn money every month for the work you’ve done in the past;
  • Consider living as a single person, at least until your retirement. To achieve your goal, a period of sacrifice and hard work will be mandatory, and it will be difficult to find a partner who shares your ambitions enough to make that sacrifice. It will also be even harder to find someone who shares your geographic travel needs. You can try to find a relationship when you retire and focus all your energy and time on your career when you work. Don’t make the mistake of losing the love of your life if you meet her while you’re still working;
  • Having children can be expensive, but not necessarily. If you learn to be cheap, the extra expenses will be manageable;
  • Even if you can’t retire in 10 years because the money you’ve earned doesn’t allow you to maintain the lifestyle of a superenalotto winner, it’s still a great way to start life on the right foot. If you are willing to work hard for about ten years after the previous advice, you will save a lot of money and your financial situation will be much better than that of your colleagues. You will be able to leave your stressful job and continue working, doing the work of your choice, full-time or part-time, while using your savings to ensure financial strength;
  • Remember, even in the busy period, take breaks to relax, get in touch with nature or express your creativity. Take walks in a park, learn to paint or draw, sing and dance. Don’t forget to take care of yourself while handling your bank account;
  • Even after you retire, consider doing a job you really enjoy, putting in the time and earning some extra money;


  • The retirement plan described here allows for a modest lifestyle and is not the type of retirement for someone who has won the “internet lottery” like Pierre Omidyar or Sergey Brin. It is a plan where a lot of work is required, while these people have benefited from your excellent ideas, skills and time;
  • Beware, this article is not titled “How to be happy”. The financial freedom described in this article requires many sacrifices, which involve those aspects that many people consider the foundation of happiness, such as friendship, children, a luxury car or designer clothes. It is essential that you are convinced that the benefits of early retirement justify the sacrifices you will be forced to make;
  • Unfortunately, if you are already over 27, it may be impossible to follow this strategy and retire a few years after you are over thirty. Even if controlling your expenses improves your financial situation, you will already be headed for a career that is difficult to change. The chances of getting a well-paying job will mainly depend on your efforts at the university; Remember that retirement can be boring. You could live a richer life doing your dream job from low pay to retirement;