How to rent a room in your house

Como alugar um quarto em sua casa

You have decided to rent a room in your house, but you have doubts; follow these steps to do it successfully.

Como alugar um quarto em sua casa


  • Check your city’s planning laws. Where you live may have regulations that do not allow renting to unrelated individuals without a permit or license, or that set limits on the number of unrelated individuals you can rent to. You can find out about your city’s planning laws on the county’s website or by visiting the library and asking for assistance in locating local ordinances;
  • If you live in Brazil, consult the state laws for landlords and tenants. Your status may have rules that apply to anyone who rents a room in your home. You can find these laws by searching for them on your state’s official website, where a link to this code is usually posted;
  • Decide which room or rooms to rent. While the obvious choice is the room that is not yet in use, here are some considerations to include: The proximity of the room to yours and that of your family members.
  • For example, if you have three bedrooms upstairs and one downstairs, you might want to rent it out to avoid having a stranger’s bedroom next to yours and other people in your family.
  • The location of the bathrooms in relation to the rented room. You can earn more money by renting a room with a private bathroom, but it may not be your case if you only have one bathroom for everyone. At this point, your choice will depend on your specific circumstances and whether you need the money more than the privacy.
  • Access to an entrance and an exit to the rented room. You can rent a room close to an outside door, so that the tenant’s in and outs don’t get in the way of your family’s organization.
  • Determine the cost of rent. You can choose to get paid monthly or weekly. The rent sum can be based on a number of factors, including: The house’s proximity to a university, shopping, major cities and/or local attractions.
  • If your home is located near a university, there may be a lot of students constantly looking for rooms to rent, so you can increase the price of the room.
  • Rental rooms close to commercial areas and large cities generally have a higher rent, and the same goes for local attractions such as a beach, park or lake. The comforts you offer, such as access to kitchen equipment, use of laundry facilities or a private bathroom.
  • The size of the home, the number of other occupants, and the type, amount, and use of common areas, such as living rooms, recreation rooms, spas, or swimming pools.
  • The current average room rental comparable to yours in your region. If there is a university close to your property, the student accommodation department can tell you the average cost of a room in the area; otherwise, check the local press or browse online listings to determine what is currently rented in your neighborhood.


In some areas, you need to request a room inspection before you can rent it. Please contact your attorney or local law enforcement authorities to determine if it is necessary.