How to create an affiliate network


Affiliate network is a mechanism that you find partners, to talk about your store and your products and pay them a commission. This commission is related to visits to your virtual store or results generated.

You can choose between joining a platform that already has an affiliate base or creating your own platform. First of all, delve into the subject and research other people’s opinions about the existing platforms and decide which one is more worthwhile.

Develop a good strategy for what you offer is good for you and the affiliates. Set a goal for your partners to achieve in order to receive commissions, such as the number of clicks on your page, the number of registrations made and sales made through the links available to partners.

Create disclosures and make them available for affiliates to use for the advertisements made. This makes it easy for them to talk about you, your store and products.

Find the right partners, start with relatives and friends. Another way to work is on social networks, create images, interesting videos to publicize and share on pages and communities that have people interested in the subject.

Finally, keep your affiliates happy, so they will generate more results for themselves and your store.