Extra income ideas

Ideias de renda extra
  • You don’t have houses or garages? You can always focus on renting equipment, cars, clothes and so on. Visit LocLoc, a platform that truly lets you rent everything from home accessories to high-tech gadgets. If you fear your belongings will be stolen or broken, don’t worry: all transactions are protected by a contract.
  • Try playing poker online. It’s a risky, risky idea; therefore, if possible, it is always better to opt for safer earning opportunities. If you really decide to give it a try, choose a trusted platform Ask for the loan money. If you really need money, you can always ask friends or relatives. Explain why you need a loan, promising to repay the amount within a (reasonable) time frame.

Beware of usurers and extortion. Apply for a loan to people willing to give you their money because they want to help you, not because they want to make a profit.

Ideias de renda extra

Make CPU power available.

CPU sharing sites allow you to offer your computer’s computing power for complex calculations. Before you start, inform yourself on the chosen website to avoid fraud.

Find small paid jobs with apps. There are many apps that can make you earn from promotional work; for example, scanning some products in the supermarket or putting you in touch with companies that need more complex activities (like answering surveys).

  • You won’t make a lot of money from these jobs. But by starting right away, you can earn some money;
  • Avoid apps that ask you to pay a commission or provide your credit card information to sign up and complete surveys. They are almost always frauds;

Consider working during the day. You can post an ad on the internet or on a bulletin board, offering simple tasks. In addition, there are employment agencies that specialize in temporary jobs. An alternative way to find day jobs is to go to where the people who do this type of work are found. If you know this place, go there and wait for the employers (construction site owners, homeowners and small business owners) to arrive. The most common jobs that temporary workers are hired for are several. Here are some:

  • Building constructions; Simple office work;
  • Working as an event and conference host;
  • Organization of children’s birthday parties; Organize tours in your city;
  • Gardening and similar work (collecting leaves, cutting grass, removing snow, etc.);
  • Grocery shopping or other activities for seniors. You can also teach them how to use the computer;
  • Doing housework (cleaning a house, cleaning an attic or shed, etc.). If you know how to have a good time, you can offer this service (at home or at your home) to busy or unwilling people.
  • In addition to the word of mouth and personal contacts you acquire over time, you can open an account on a website called Helpling, a platform that connects cleaning professionals and clients. Wash cars of friends, relatives and neighbors;
  • Removals (for those with a van) or packing; Work as a waiter, bartender or caterer;
  • Personal driver. You must use the customer’s car, for no additional costs. Become a taxi driver. Companies like Uber have created services that put drivers in touch with people who need a ride and are willing to pay for a ride. To take advantage of this opportunity right away, you must own a car, have a valid driver’s license, and meet other qualifications. It may take a while to become a registered driver, but when you can rely on an agency, the earning opportunities will be many because these services are in high demand. Consider saving video tapes to DVD or thumb drives.
  • Many families own videotapes and do not know how to transfer content digitally. Offer the service through message boards, word of mouth and online.
  • It is an opportunity that requires a very low investment (a program and a cable are enough), but you can make a fair profit.
  • If you have good taste and experience in the marketing industry, you can offer yourself as a window-shop consultant for small stores and businesses in your city.