How to make money fast

Como Ganhar Dinheiro Rápido

Do you need to make money quickly? It can be stressful, but there are methods to solve your problem. You can sell something, do errands, and get money back in often overlooked ways.

Not all of these methods are reliable in the long run, but if you need to increase a certain amount quickly, they can be a good solution.

Sell ​​what you no longer need

The fastest and easiest way to earn a small amount is to sell valuable and popular items. Search your home (don’t forget to rummage through the attic and cellar) for easy-to-sell items that you no longer need.

If you have good craftsmanship and are a creative person, you can buy used things online, at court auctions, or by scouring the stalls at a market. Refurbish them and resell them for profit.

  • Selling collectibles allows you to immediately earn a nice nest egg. Obviously, the price of the item increases from the value assigned to it based on a number of factors. The collection world is quite vast, so you can resell special editions of CDs, DVDs, books or comics, old toys, artwork, stamps and whoever has more. It’s not an idea that’s good for anyone; in fact, you must first own rare objects (which happens either by a stroke of pure luck or by an expert on the subject), but being able to make such a sale is a real bargain.
  • Selling commonly used products is another very profitable idea. If you have musical instruments, electronic devices (computers, tablets, TVs, speakers, smartphones, and more), video games, appliances, and other items in excellent dusting condition, put them up for sale. Not only will you have an immediate gain, you will also free up space in the house.

If you enjoy writing, but prefer to do it completely independently, open a blog on Blogger or WordPress.

It’s a real showcase to show your skills. In fact, in addition to having readers, it is possible to attract the attention of companies and receive free products. In particular, you can make a profit by selling advertising space and placing banners.

As if that weren’t enough, a blog allows you to have a reputation in a certain industry: when you have a good following, you can offer premium paid services through a website or on Skype.

Como Ganhar Dinheiro Rápido

You can also sign up for an affiliate program like Amazon. Bloggers (but also those who have content networks and portals in general) can advertise products through the use of links. This allows you to earn a percentage on every purchase that readers made by clicking on the link indicated on the blog.

Complete surveys

Many companies use survey responses to establish their marketing strategies. There are many websites designed to inform users about free online surveys. Often you will not receive more than a few euros, but the work you need to do is very simple and the compensation will take place in a short time.


If possible, avoid playing. Even if there is a chance of making money, the risk involved is always greater than the winning percentage.