How to live without spending too much

Living is not free. It seems that everything costs more than it should and, even without knowing how, the salary drops in an instant. If you want to find ways to last longer, you’re in the right place. By eliminating unnecessary expenses and finding cheaper shortcuts, you can save a lot of money in different areas. Whether you want to change your entire lifestyle or just make small changes, saving money will pay off in the long run.

Determine the main expenses.

Divide the products and services you use into categories.

Most of the expenses are residential, utilities, entertainment, clothing, food, travel and medical treatment. First, check the checks you’ve written and bank statements for the past few months. Add the total expense of these general categories and others that pertain to your specific case.

  • Banks and other financial institutions offer the opportunity to consult an account statement that summarizes the expenses made in a certain period of time, also indicating the names of the companies in which you spend your money.
  • If you don’t use debit or credit cards, carefully record your monthly expenses. For example, track how much you spend on food, whether it’s grocery shopping or restaurant meals.

Analyze your consumption habits. After collecting this information, compare the total sums for each category. Do they seem reasonable, especially in terms of total salary?

Establish a budget.

Set a monthly goal to determine how much money to spend in each category.

Save on mobile.

This can make you waste a lot of money. If you’re going to save money, there are several low-cost options. Several mobile operators offer no-subscription rechargeable plans that cost significantly less.

If you have a disadvantageous contract, switch to a service that better suits your needs, but remember that in the case of a contractual obligation on time, you will have to pay a penalty. Either way, with a little research, you can figure out how to reduce the amount you pay every month for mobile.

Limit the use of larger electronic devices.

If you use large screens or other large electronics very often, reducing their use can save you even more money.

  • Use one electronic device at a time. Do not leave the television on when you are at the computer.


None of these tips are easy to follow. Some require considerable sacrifice. However, giving up convenience and convenience momentarily will pay off in the future. Financial advisor and radio host Dave Ramsey loves to say, “Today you live like no other, so that in the future you can live like no other.”