5 Ways to Earn Money for Travel

Formas de Como juntar Dinheiro Para Viajar

Want to know how to save money by traveling and enjoying vacations without any hassle? Check out our blogging tips! Traveling is so amazing that as soon as we arrive at our destination, we immediately think about the next destination. The only problem is that each new experience ends up costing a lot of money, often coming home in installments with some debt and installments.

1 – Set Goals – Purpose to travel

  • Purpose of traveling purpose of traveling;
  • How much do you plan to spend?
  • When do you want to go?
  • Would you like to be alone or accompanied?
  • How long do you plan to stay?

If you still don’t have the answer to these and other essential questions, it’s great to start here. If we really need to plan on going to the supermarket, why wouldn’t we when the task is to take a trip? And by “planning” I don’t just mean thinking about your trip in an uncompromising way. You really need to lean in and “burn some neurons” to set clear, well-defined goals. Remember where you want to travel, how long you plan to spend there, who will be with you, and how much you think you will spend on your trip (and don’t forget to include travel insurance in this bill). It’s much easier (and comfortable) to discover that you were a little wrong in your planning than to conclude that you won’t be able to take the trip of your dreams because there was no money for extra expenses.

Or worse: travel and come back full of debts that you don’t know if you can pay. So set your goals and make every point of this material very clear.

2 – Adopt minimalism

If you already understand that we live in a world where many people create problems to sell solutions, it is necessary to radicalize and live a simple life outside of this “consumption hype to pay interest to those who promote the hype!” Whether the goal is to add money to a backpack or roam the world “let it start now”. Backpack will teach you how to live well with as little as possible, why not start now? On the road, you don’t buy anything in smooth installments, don’t spend on superfluous items, save on transportation, food, etc. Why not do this before traveling? Adopt minimalism now! Minimalism is detachment, it is living with only the minimum necessary, only with really useful objects. Anyone who lives a life like this, without garbage, obviously ends up saving money for other things, including travel. Study the subject and see how far you can get rid of junk in your life.

3 – Create a financial plan

For those who are new to financial education, the big leap in the cat is having control over what is spent. To do this, put on a paper or spreadsheet exactly what is being spent, making it easier to see where the money is going. From there, the next steps are easier. To get started right away, just take a statement from your bank and credit card and put it all in a spreadsheet.

4- Research investment options

By scheduling well in advance, it is possible to have access to bolder and longer-term investments that can bring even more profitability, a great option for long trips. By holding this investment for 2 or 3 years, the profitability can be much greater than thinking about the short term. However, if the period for the trip or objective is short, it may not be a good option to invest in assets with more risk. The priority, in this case, will be to look for something more conservative, such as fixed income, which despite the lower profitability, generates more than savings and has greater predictability of returns. Good alternatives are the Direct Treasury and the CDB, which in the prefixed form already inform you how much your money will yield in the period. Another good option for those looking to invest in traveling is to invest in assets linked to the currency of the country you are going to. the funds


Save money on travel Looking at all the tips shared here, saving money on travel still seems pretty hard, right? However, you should be clearly aware of one thing: yes, setting goals, researching and seeking information, making plans, promising yourself and others, and saving and getting through a trip can be daunting work. However, it is possible and with a lot of effort, you will be able to make your dreams come true.