Top cryptocurrencies on the market in 2022

The cryptocurrency market remains super high this year 2022. Even with several drops and considerable losses for its investors, investing in crypto assets is still a great option to use your money.

But the question is always up in the air: What are the main cryptocurrencies in the market? So with that in mind, we will bring you specific content about the most valuable cryptocurrencies on the market.

So I invite you to stay with me until the end of this article to be aware of each of them. But, it is always important to say that the market is a bit difficult, however, the investment is still super valid.

That said, let’s start by talking about the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the financial market in 2022.


This cryptocurrency started as something experimental, but in a short time it reached incredible values ​​for its investors. With that, it has become a great source of investment and profitable return in 2022.

Its main feature is the fact that it is a platform a little further from the Blockchain. So, Ethereum brings a platform with smart contracts, very different from other cryptocurrencies.

But this is only possible because when it was created, Ethereum was not meant to be a crypto asset. The initial idea was for Ethereum to be a form of remuneration for developers


Even with recent market changes, Bitcoin is still the largest cryptocurrency in the financial market in 2022. In 2008, Bitcoin emerged as a proposition to help some companies that went bankrupt that year.

But, 14 years later, we have the largest crypto asset on the market, and year after year its value is increasing. Thus, the objective was more than met and the result was very satisfactory for its developers.

Binance Coin

As soon as it was announced, it became clear that this cryptocurrency would be successful in the financial market. This is because the cryptocurrency is developed by the largest cryptocurrency wallet on the market, Binance.

With this, the growth and development of the cryptocurrency was easy. But, at first, it appeared only as a transition coin within the Binance platform. But 5 years after its launch, we have perhaps the third strongest cryptocurrency on the market.

So above, we have the main cryptocurrencies in the market in 2022, which, even with fluctuations, remains at the top. And now, let’s quote below the current value equivalent to each of them.

  • Bitcoin: US$600,56 Billions of dollars
  • Ethereum: US$233,75 Billions of dollars
  • Binance Coin: US$72,49 Billions of dollars